If you’ve ever been on Aliexpress, you know that they are a great site for finding a deal, but they are an even greater site for finding toys that shouldn’t exist like Pikachu dressed like Deadpool. One place where the site’s vendors seem to have taken more liberty than any other is with LEGO-style minifigures. To many, these off-brand collectibles have become known as BootLEGOs.

While it’s true that you can find BootLEGOs for nearly every movie and comic book character you can imagine, there are plenty of other characters who have found plastic infamy. In no particular order, our absolutely favorite non-superhero BootLEGO figures are:

1. Bob Ross

2. Donald Trump

3. Hillary Clinton

4. David Bowie

5. Mr Inkredible

6. Chuck Norris

7. Curt Cobain

8.Hulk Hogan

9. Ronald McDonald

10. Freddie Mercury