If you didn’t know that Matt Smith had already tackled the role of Patrick Bateman from the stage musical version of American Psycho, it might be surprising to hear that the former Doctor Who star has just signed on to play Charles Manson. But, that’s exactly what’s happening.

Smith is teaming up with American Psycho (the film version) director Mary Harron, to make a film about the famous cult leader. While Smith will be playing Manson, he won’t be the star of the show. According to the report from THR, the film will focus on the three women who received the death sentence for their part in the famous massacre of Sharon Tate. The rest of the cast includes: Suki Waterhouse, Carla Gugino, Merritt Wever, Hannah Murray, Odessa Young , Marianne Rendon, and Kaylie Carter. Murray, Young, and Rendon will play the three women on which the film focuses.

Source: THR