After winning the best Oscar for Get Out, Jordan Peele can pretty much write his own ticket. Who would have thought that one of the projects on the top of his list could be the best Disney animated series ever made? We’re talking about Gargoyles, the dark serial about ancient gargoyles who were brought back by an initially evil billionaire to New York City. It’s got action, comedy, redemption, and even a very peculiar inter-species love story between two of the main characters.

According to a new report from Slashfilm, Peele has gone as far as to pitch his take on Gargoyles directly to Disney, but the studio is “sitting on their hands.” On one hand, this sort of makes sense. Disney is spending a lot of money focusing on trusted IP. Gargoyles, as great as it was, really only has a cult following and the premise could be a little challenging for the uninitiated. On the other hand, we’re talking about having an Oscar-winning director with tremendous buzz wanting to adapt a property that will hit some very serious nostalgia bones with fans.

We are completely behind the idea of Peele taking a swing at this film. The stories tackled deeper and more serious issues than the average Disney fare, including loss, prejudice, and revenge, while still creating a family of characters that you could bond with and care about.

Source: Reddit