Sunday is going to be a big day for Whovians. Fans were gutted a couple of months ago when Matt Smith announced that he’d be vacating his Role as the Doctor after the big 50th Anniversary special this November. Now, The BBC is ready to announce who will be stepping in as the 12th Doctor, live on BBCa at 2 PM EST this Sunday Afternoon.

As soon as they announce it, we’ll bring you the news. Until then, we wanted to bring you the odds on favorites according to what the bookmakers are reporting to the BBC. The choices are pretty varied and include everyone from a The man who is cancelling the apocalypse to one of the doctor’s previous companions.

Peter Capaldi
Odds: 6:4
Known for: British TV series “In The Thick of it” / Played Roman merchant Caecilius in 2008 Doctor Who adventure The Fires of Pompeii.

Ben Daniels
Odds: 4:1
Known for: BBC series Cutting It /The State Within/ Law & Order: UK.

Chiwetel Ejiofor
Odds: 12:1
Known for: Stephen Frears’ Dirty Pretty Things/ Serenity/ Kinky Boots/ Children of Men/ American Gangster.

Idris Elba
Odds: 12:1
Known for: BBC Series “Luthor” / Thor/ Prometheus / Pacific Rim.

David Harewood
Odds: 10:1
Known for: Homeland / Doctor Who as Joshua Naismith in David Tennant’s final two-part story The End of Time (2009-10).

Billie Piper
Odds: 33:1
Known for: Doctor Who/ BBC’s The Canterbury Tales / Secret Diary of a Call Girl

Daniel Rigby
Odds: 5:2
Known for: BBC Four biopic Eric and Ernie

Andrew Scott
Odds: 8:1
Known for: BBC’s Sherlock

Ben Whishaw
Odds: 6:1
Known for: Skyfall

Source: BBC