THR is reporting on some big cast announcements for this upcoming season of Joss Whedon’s “Dollhouse”, and all I can say is holy crap, this sounds less like a TV show cast and more like the guest list at a comic book convention!

Most notably, he’s recruited “Terminator” fan favorite Summer Glau, whom he previously cast in Fox’s “Firefly.” Glau plays Bennett, a Dollhouse employee who shares a secret past with Eliza Dushku’s Echo.

Also, Jamie Bamber (from “Battlestar”) will appear as a charismatic businessman who is Echo’s new husband. Michael Hogan (“Battlestar” again) comes to Dollhouse hoping to stop a psychotic family member’s killing spree. Alexis Denisof (“Angel”) is a U.S. senator leading a witch hunt to track down the underground organization. Keith Carradine (“Dexter”) is a nemesis of Dollhouse leader Adelle.