Edge of Tomorrow was a great movie. If you like Tom Cruise, you got an excellent action flick. If you hate him, you still get to see him die 26 times. There’d been talk of a sequel for a while, but now we’ve got some news that shows just how far the project is moving.

Deadline is reporting that Doug Liman, the director from the first film will be back to helm the sequel as well. At one point it was thought that Christopher McQuarrie would be taking on the job, but he’ll only be producing. Joe Shrapnel and Anna Waterhouse have been tasked with penning the script. they most recently wrote ‘Race’ and did a rewrite on ‘The Gray Man’, which is set to star Chalize Theron with McQuarrie directing.

Cruise will most certainly be back to die a bunch more times, but there’s no word on if Emily Blunt will rejoin him or if she’s too busy leading the new adaptation of Mary Poppins.