Aliens, superheroes, vampires… ninja? Yes, following the wake of “Ninja Assassin” Dreamworks has announced a new action-comedy film titled “Wife Vs. Ninja.”

While it’s no “Alien Vs. Predator” or “Freddy Vs. Jason,” it should be a lot of fun according to its synopsis.

The story follows a Long Island housewife whose bastard scientist of a husband leaves her for a younger beautiful intern. Only there’s more than meets the eye, as the heroine discovers that the intern is really just a ninja assassin out to steal his work. Sucking up her pride, she must do what’s right — find a way to save her no good cheating husband and to stop this ninja assassin bitch.

“Wife Vs. Ninja” will be produced by “Seven Years in Tibet” guy Michael Besman while newbie writers Michael Zam and Jaffe Cohen are set to pen the script.

Source: Empire Online