The new theatrical poster has just been revealed for “Sex And The City 2,” and… wow. If there was an award for unnecessarily bright and photoshopped movie posters, SATC2 would win hands down. The amount of light reflecting from this poster could power small towns and instantly fry gremlins and vampires.

Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda are all back again. Of course, you wouldn’t really be able to tell as they are conspicuously absent from the print (although Chanel product placement doesn’t seem to be an issue). Carries seems to be doing fine for herself hiding behind gigantic shades and sporting her designer bag revealing her superficialness as an aging woman who’ll be leaving NYC to party it up in Vegas. Presumably to find new men to lie to about her age.

“Sex And The City 2” will strut into the theaters May 2010.