Unless we are getting a massive redirect from the film’s writer, Stephen McFeely, everything we think we know about Avengers 4 is wrong. The internet has been filling for months with theories about how Avengers: Infinity War will end and what will transpire in Avengers 4. A lot of theories seem to involve some sort of time travel or the beginning of the secret invasion by the Skrulls. Here’s what the screenwriter had to say on the matter:

“We know pretty much what’s going on in Avengers 3. You’ve been told who’s the bad guy and what he wants for several movies and it’s not going to change: that’s what’s going to happen. You run it in the best possible way with twists along the way, but you have no idea what Avengers 4 is.”

“Nobody knows, and that’s what makes me particularly excited. I look all the time on the internet: people have no idea!” the writer added with great delight when asked to elaborate on that. “[Avengers] 4 resolves the intrigue of Infinity War; [the movies are] clearly linked, but they almost seem to belong to two different genres. We did not want to cut a film in half and say, ‘Pay now and come back in a year for the rest!’ These are two different stories, on a tonal and structural level.”

This makes me really happy. I trust Kevin Fiege and the Russo Brothers to create a compelling story. It also makes me a little bit of happy because the people who end up hating a movie because their fan theory was incorrect can just sit down, shut up and enjoy the film for what it is.

Source: CBM