Unless Marvel backs up a truck full of gold to Evans’ door, it looks like his days of playing Captain America have come to a close. Honestly, we’ve known this was coming for a while now. His contract was only meant to cover the first three Avengers films, but he opted to extend it so he could be there to close out the story. The New York Times had this to say about the departure:

For now, he has no plans to return to the franchise (“You want to get off the train before they push you off,” he said), and expects that planned reshoots in the fall will mark the end of his tenure in the familiar red, white and blue super suit.

Does this mean that Cap will survive Avengers: Infinity War? Unless some of the time travel theories about Avengers 4 are right (and we already know they aren’t), all signs point to yes. It’s possible that he could just be seen in flashbacks in Avengers 4, but you’ve got to believe that they are going to send Captain America off with a heroic end.