The sad thing is that this great little trailer from the guys over at WormyTV is probably better an any actual remake will be. They did all this on their own and turned out a really entertaining product. They edited cells from existing movies frame by frame to alter actors into Thundercats. They spliced in old cartoon dialog where possible and even made some of the script from the scenes they borrowed fit the trailer.

Vin Diesel is Panthro

Hugh Jackman is Tigra

For some ungodly reason…. Brad Pitt is Lion- O … blech.

One thought on “Fanmade Thundercat Trailer – Check it Out!”

  1. “probably better an any actual remake will be”

    Unfortunately, that is most likely so true. I don’t have any interest in a Thundercats film really, what I want are some new figures, done in Mattel’s new Masters of the Universe Classics style. Updated figures, true to the original designs. Get the Horsemen on the property.

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