Fans trying to save “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” has turned literally from an online petition to an all out movement/campaign. It’s already been six month since the shows cancellation by the evil Fox, but loyalists have refused to show defeat and are trying to convince Fox and other studios (namely Warner Bros) to pick up its third season.

While there’s been discussion about bringing TSCC back as a direct-to-dvd movie, I think this movement is more real than any other fan campaign in the last decade and the prospect of TSCC being revived is very eminent. In fact, we reported that there’s even been a buzz about TSCC returning as a direct-to-dvd movie.

If you love TSCC, it’s time for you to step up and join the fight. There are many ways you can help.

First, visit Save The Sarah Connor Chronicles:

You can even follow them on Twitter:

Second, help the bottom line by purchasing as many copies of the TSCC Season 2 on DVD or Blu-ray as you can. Whether its for your personal collection, a gift, whatever. It’s a necessary evil but something that will speak more volumes than a campaign website or even a fan-funded mobile billboard on a truck. Ya, that’s how hardcore this movement is, see below…

2 thoughts on “Fans Still Trying To Save ‘Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles’”

  1. The Sarah Connor Chronicles was a great show! I was pissed when I found out it got cancelled after a huge cliff hanger. I hope we do get a continuation somehow. TSCC fans rock!

  2. True, it was a huge cliffhanger, but I was at least satisfied in knowing that a new chapter is continuing. Of course, this doesn’t mean I don’t want a season 3… oh I want it to return so bad. TSCC fans unite!

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