First it was the “Dark Knight Rises,” then it was “The Avengers.” I guess it was next for “The Amazing Spider-Man.” The first trailer for Sony’s “Spider-Man” franchise reboot has hit the net a few days before its expected official debut at Comic-Con this week.

The teaser gives us a quick origins run down on how Peter (Andrew Garfield) becomes Spider-Man and right off the bat, I’m liking it a lot more than the original “Spider-Man.” Since the film is made for 3D, the teaser ends with a nifty first persons video Spider-Man scaling buildings and swinging through the city before sticking himself to the side of a building. It looks pretty amazing even in shakey hand held bootleg, so I know it’s going to be amazing once we see it in 3D.

Watch “The Amazing Spider-Man” teaser below before it gets pulled, and be sure to let us know what you think!

Source: CBM