Last year, an animated pilot was released on YouTube called “Final Space.” The feeling from the trailer is somewhere between Bravest Warriors and Galaxy Quest, and it left me wanting to see more. Last week, that wish came true when TBS released their first trailer for the upcoming series. Why are we just showing it off to you now? It slipped by us. We aren’t perfect. Get the hell off our backs.

The show, set to premier in early 2018 looks like it has been revamped to some degree and stuffed full of a pretty incredible roster of voice talent that includes: Olan Rogers as Gary Space and Mooncake, Fred Armisen as KVN, Tom Kenny as HUE, David Tennant as Lord Commander, Gina Torres as Quinn, Steven Yeun, Coty Galloway, Caleb McLaughlin, Ron Perlman as Gary’s Dad, John DiMaggio, Shannon Purser,
Keith David, Andy Richter, and Conan O’Brien (who is also co-producing the show with creator Olan Rogers).

Check out the pilot and TBS’s teaser for the show below:


TBS Teaser

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