Yesterday, we showed off one of the most controversial Halloween costumes of the year, the children’s costume of Holocaust victim, Anne Frank. Today we are going to focus on some of the newest “sexy” costumes that are out this year. Online costume and Lingerie shop, has gone out this year with with nearly 100 costumes under their sexy keyword. We aren’t going to bring you all of them, just our favorites. So, from Sexy Poop emoji and Sexy bacon to Sexy Fun Dip and Sexy “Donna” Trump, here are our top ten ridiculously stupid “sexy” Halloween costumes.

10. Sexy Poop Emoji

9. Sexy Bacon

8. Sexy Nemo

7. Sexy Sriracha

6. Sexy Ronald McDonald

5. Sexy Taco

4. Sexy Fake News

3. Sexy Fun Dip

2. Sexy Gumball Machine

1. Sexy Sexy Donald Trump