The last Daredevil movie was not a shining achievement in the history of comic book movies. Some might go as far as to say that it kinda sucked. Well, it is time to try it again, but this time with one of the writers from “Fringe,” David Slade in the directors chair and a great comic book story arc to draw inspiration from.

The new writer is Brad Caleb Kane. He currently works as a writer producer on the JJ Abrams/ Fox hit “Fringe.” Now he is being tasked with writing a script that will actually redeem Daredevil from the intense suckitude of the first Affleck Daredevil movie.

The good news is that he’s already got one big bonus in his corner. The movie is set to be based off of one of the best Daredevil story-arcs in history, Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli’s “Born Again” storyline.

Also on his side is the fact that he is a genuine Daredevil fan and will be working hard to make sure that he respects the character and the material.

Source: THR