J.J. Abrams’ “Fringe” returns for its second season on Thursday night and according to Abrams, the show’s long-term story arcs have been worked out over the summer: “It’s always a thrill to discover things as you go but know where you’re going.”

“There are some wonderful things: Leonard Nimoy is incredible when he comes back and basically finishes what he began at the end of last year.”

“Joshua Jackson’s character steps up considerably this year and is a little bit more in the forefront and driving stories a little more than he was. It’s my favorite kind of show.. We’ve got the weirdest, craziest, the most insane stuff that begin most episodes.”

Producer Roberto Orci also promises that we’ll learn more about the silent Observers this season:

“You’re gonna see more than one. You are going to see many Observers. The eighth episode is going to tell you a lot about The Observers. You’re going to find out their role in the world, what they’re named after, and their connection to some of these characters.”

Check out the mini featurette as well as the teaser for the all new season of Fox’s “Fringe” below.