Critics recently had a chance to sit down and grill Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse about the upcoming season of Lost. We wanted to give you some highlights of the interview, but do not read if you don’y want to get a couple spoilers.

OK, We Warned You:

As has been heavily suggested in past seasons, the story of “Lost” is all about time travel. Instead of mental flash-forwards and flashbacks, in season five characters will actually move through time (and not just in recent years, either).

Asked if such a move is “fraught with peril” for disturbing the show’s plot or continuity, the executive producers say….

Cuse: “It’s a veritable mine field to do time travel but it’s also incredibly exciting… we didn’t want to have season five be a stall… as we always have on ‘Lost’ we’re going to take some risks and take some chances… and if we make some missteps that’s okay… there’s a greater degree of difficulty in that… we’ve tried very hard to resolve a lot of those [past season] conundrums that you refer to …Once we committed to doing time travel there was only a certain amount of distance between that and where the story will end.”

Lindelof: “I think we’ve become fairly masochistic in our writing. You say ‘fraught with peril’ like it’s a bad thing… we sit around the writers room and say, ‘Is it fraught with peril? Let’s do it.’… The show has been a time travel show for the past four years, we’ve just making it more apparent now.”

On the infamous glimpse of the island’s four-toed statue:

Cuse: “The idea [was] to say the history of the island was a long one, and that people had been on the island for a long time… and this season, as we’re skipping through time, hopefully they’ll see that.”

On Sawyer playing a key role this season:

Cuse:: “Sawyer has a lot to do this year. For those who are not fans of time travel, we have his shirt off in the season premiere.”

Lindelof: “Sawyer is also not a fan of time travel. You will find him constantly bemoaning it.”

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Source: The Feed