I read a long time ago that the craziest people are the ones that usually go into psychology. Well, a new article out from The Telegraph might just have a little more evidence to that end. They reported on Psychiatrist Dr Karen Norberg, of National Bureau of Economic Research in Cambridge, Massachusetts. What makes her so special you might ask? She spent a year knitting an anatomically correct replica of the human brain.

Sure, a brain can’t be that hard you might be thinking, but you’d be very wrong. Think This is not just some greyish pink, wrinkly football we’re talking about. This is completely anatomically correct. Every section has its own color and shape.

The frontal cortex is cream and pale green, the visual cortex a mix of blue, purple and turquoise while the hippocampus is made up of baby pink wool. The two sides of the nine inch brain – one and a half times life size – are joined together by a zip with the cerebellum knitted in blue and spinal cord trailing off in white strands of wool.

So what would possess someone to spend a year of their life on such an odd task?
“It was a labour of love. For me, there were two humorous aspects. One was simply to undertake such a ridiculously complex, time consuming project for no practical reason. The second was the idea of making a somewhat mysterious and difficult object – a brain – out of a ‘cuddly’, cheerfully coloured, familiar material like cotton yarn.”

Clearly this is one completely sane Psychiatrist.


Source: Telegraph