‘Glee’ might be one of the biggest shows on television, but it it has had a rough summer. The 3d Glee Concert movie opened last week to bad reviews and worse box office receipts. On its opening weekend it clocked in at 11th place with less than 6 million dollars between over 2,000 screens.

The musical teens are putting it all behind them and focusing on a new prize… The Emmys. However, the tone of their Emmy ad has a lot of people thinking more along the lines of Chris Hanson and ‘To Catch a Predator’ than ‘Glee’ itself.

The ad, (pictured below), shows Brittany (Heather Morris) and the words:

Dear Academy Voters: If you give us an Emmy, I’ll text you some pictures. Love Brittany”

For us, this is ad is really more weird and creepy than vote inspiring. What do you think?