Rumors have been circulating about a possible Gremlins 3 ever since the conclusion of the second film, but rumors may soon be a reality as Joe Dante suggests that a third chapter may finally be in the works.

“I hear they’re going to make another one soon,” the Gremlins director told Empire exclusively. “I can see why – it would be stupid to let that title go to waste.” Just don’t expect a straight sequel. “The actors from the first two are too old to do a proper sequel, so I’m sure when the new one arrives it will be a remake of the original.”

At this point, another classic ’80s remake is not entirely out of the question considering Hollywood has been on a tear recreating and rebooting classic stories.

Gremlins creator Chris Columbus however won’t be on board if a Gremlins reboot goes into fruition. “I haven’t heard about it,” Columbus told Empire. “If they do the monsters with CGI, I don’t know if it would be the same. They should go back and do it with puppets again, though at this point I wouldn’t be interested in being involved.”

Source: Empire