I don’t know whether to file this under ‘wtf’ or in ‘movies,’ but what I do know is that it’s about time we finally have a Hanukkah themed horror movie.

“Hanukkah: The Movie” is directed by Eban McGarr (Sick Girl) and no release date has been set. But if you want up to date information, you can always check out their very serious facebook fan page.

In the meantime, while we all wait for this “Torah-fying new tale of horah,” check out the full synopsis and nifty movie posters that pays homage to classic horror posters below:

Obediah Lazarus is the son of Judah Lazarus, the original Hannukiller. In 1983, Judah terrorized NY for seven nights and was preparing to sacrifice his eight year old son, Obediah, on the eighth night. Judah was convinced it was God’s will, like Abraham and Isaac, to sacrifice his only son to God. Luckily for Obediah, police tracked Judah down and stopped the sacrifice, but Judah was gunned down in the process. Warped by hatred with no guidance, Obediah Lazarus becomes a religious extremist, intolerant of non-Jews, “bad Jews”, and those he perceives to be enemies of the Jewish faith. He is about to unleash eight nights of horror.

A group of Jewish teens are getting ready to party for the holidays, but are in for a Festival of Frights. With the help of a wise Rabbi, they deduce that the murder victims have violated Judaic law and that their only chance at survival is to embrace their faith.