Reports are that a fire broke out on the Hogwarts set of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” over the weekend. For those of you who do not know already, they are filming the final book of the series as two movies. This fire took place during filming of a pretty big scene. Details are below, but could be considered a little “spoilerish” if you haven’t read the books.

The fire occurred while the production was filming the climatic battle for the last Harry Potter film. The Battle of Hotwarts sequence involves Harry Potter and an army of students defend the wizarding school from evil wizard Voldemort. The big battle required a lot of pyrotechnics and explosions, and “a mocked-up castle made of timber, steel and plastic” caught fire.

It sounds like there’s a good chance that there were a lot of cast members on the set when it happened. There are no reports of anyone getting hurt, but I’m sure it added a heck of a lot of realism to the scene for the actors.

Source: Pravda