HBO has officially announced that their long running series “Entourage” will come to an end next summer in 2011.

According to HBO programming president Michael Lombardo, “Next summer will definitely be the final season,” but adds that there may be an upcoming full-length “Entourage” film written by show’s creator Dough Ellin.

The final season has also been shorten to just six episodes.

Although “Entourage” is coming to an end, Ellin won’t be out of work for long however. Lombardo promises that Ellin will be back as he has already pitched the HBO network new ideas for another new series.

Although I haven’t been the biggest “Entourage” fan, I think its wrap is long overdue. It’s a show that’s outlasted itself by two or three seasons and has gotten quite long in the tooth. While it hasn’t quite jumped the shark, its only a matter of time. What better way than to bow out now with a high note and to bring some extra closure with a full featured film.

Source: THR