As many of you may have heard, SyFy has officially canceled “Stargate Universe” due to its low ratings. As a result of the series cancellations, it has also placed the much expected “Stargate Atlantis” movie in jeopardy.

To soften the blow to fans, the show’s executive producer Brad Wright recently released a statement stating that there are working on several options to get reboot the franchise after seeing “so many people upset about SyFy’s cancellation of the show.” Realistically however, Wright adds that it’s “important to remember that their license fee represented only a portion of our total budget.”

Ultimately what this all means is that, SyFy does not own the Stargate license. Instead it is owned by MGM, so in order to save the show, they need to find other partners who are willing to contribute.

On the other hand, writer and producer Joseph Mallozzi believes that there’s very little chance for SGU to return for a third season. On his blog, Mallozzi admitted that the only way to save the show is with positive ratings and not necessarily an email or letter writing campaign. Much of this has to do with the executives who are looking at the situation from a business perspective.

The final ten episodes of “Stargate Universe” season 2 will air in spring 2011.

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