IESB reports that a sequel to the 1996 “Independence Day” starring Will Smith may be in the works from 20th Century Fox. But that’s not all, there may also be an “Independence Day 3,” and both films would shoot back to back and begin filming as early as next year.

While it hasn’t exactly been a big secret that the studio wants to revive and milk ID4 as a potential franchise, it does however, pose the question of whether there’s enough interest for a 14 year old movie and what kind of an impact would it have considering the world was pretty much destroyed. What, are aliens going to send more ship a day later? That’ll really kill the mojo of the first film.

Moreover, Will Smith is reportedly locked up to shot both films and will begin whenever he finishes whatever film he’s currently doing now (Men In Black 2, The City That Sailed). Roland Emmerich, the director and writer for the original ID4 are also set to return.

If ID4 the sequels does move forward, it would be Emmerich’s next directorial project after his William Shakespeare thriller “Anonymous.”

No word on whether Jeff Goldblum will return, but it’d be sacrilegious if he didn’t considering he saved the world and all.

Source: IESB