We’ve been waiting for a third Tron movie ever since Tron Legacy ended with the promise of a war between the real world and the computer world. Today, Variety is reporting that an new Tron movie is on the way, but it might not be the one we were hoping for.

In our dreams, we’ve been waiting for a threequel that would bring back Garret Hedlund, Oliva Wilde, and maybe even Jeff Bridges with Daft Punk on composing duty and Joseph Kosinski behind the camera. As of right now, it is unknown if any of that is happening. Here is what we do know:

The new film is set to star Jared Leto, and will be directed by Garth Davis (2018’s Mary Magdalene and 2016’s Lion). Davis apparently campaigned for the directing gig and has come to the project with a new script and a new way into the Tron world. It has not been announced whether this will be a reboot or if they will try to complete the story that was set up in Tron Legacy.

While the film has been moved to active development, it has not been officially greenlit.