In a story that is probably going to be the most wholesome thing you’ll hear in today’s news cycle, a German nudist, who was sunbathing near a lake in Berlin had a more exciting afternoon than he was expecting when a wild boar stole his laptop and took off running.

Thankfully, the whole thing turned into a light-hearted fun with the nudist even giving permission to the photographer (Adele Landauer/pixel8000) who snapped the shots to make them public after all was said and done.

In Germany, nude sunbathing is legal. It is actually called FKK, or Freikörperkultur (free body culture). What isn’t legal is the theft of personal electronics, even if you are a pig.

If you were wondering why the boar snatched the laptop, it wasn’t because he wanted to start up his own online bacon shop. It turns out that the pigs have been spotted around sunbathers a lot more recently because there is always pizza or other treats lying around. So, it’s most likely that the bag with the computer was grabbed because the pig thought it had food in it.

In the end, the boar was slowed by a cardboard box in its path and startled by the man clapping and beating the ground with a stick. It dropped the bag, the crowd of sunbathers applauded, and everyone went home with a great story.

Source: The Guardian