In a world where it seems like almost all of our media is rebooted or revived from old IP, it looks like Hackers could possibly be heading in that direction. The film, which came out 25 years ago and stars Johnny Lee Miller, Angelina Jolie, Matthew Lillard, and Fisher Stevens is one of the best computer/ teen movies of its era and still holds a strong cult following to this day. In an interview to commemorate the anniversary, Collider sat down with the film’s director, Ian Softley, to talk about the film and this is what he said when asked if there was a future in which Crash Override, Acid Burn, Cereal Killer, Lord Nikon, and The Phantom Phreak might get back together to take on the man one more time.

We are, I have to say for the first time in 25 years, and we probably started this conversation a year or two ago, in the aftermath of the 20th anniversary, I’d never even thought it was something that was interesting. Because we’d anticipate something, and then it’d happen. And then it was kind of all pervasive. Whereas, what’s happened now, with big data, and the way that it’s actually broke through and become maybe the dominant force in the world, in terms of influencing politics and finance and elections, that I think there is a call, for the first time ever, that the Knights of the Round Table should be woken up to sort of answer the call again. And there are a couple of conversations.