It looks like ‘Tron Legacy’ wasn’t “end of line”, at least not according to some Hollywood sources.

The movie is just about to break the $300 million dollar mark worldwide. Now, that doesn’t make it a Potter sized hit or anything, but it shows that there’s an audience… an audience that is big enough to make the film profitable.

That might be the reason why insiders are whispering into the ear of Aintitcool’s Harry Knowles that this isn’t the end of the story. According to his recent report, it looks like Disney is getting very close to announcing that they will definitely be planning on putting out the final chapter of the Tron saga.

What does this mean? It means not having to wait another 28 years for a sequel. Beyond that, we don’t know what it means. Story details are a tightly held secret. Let’s just hope this happens soon.

Source: Aintitcool