The other day, Conan O’brien set the interwebs on fire with the animated unveiling of “The Flaming C!” Conan’s superhero alter ego, as created by animation icon Bruce Timm. Warner bros animation actually inserted The Flaming C into a clip from their new series, ‘Young Justice’… and it was AWESOME!

Cue, custom artist Paul Pape. Pape has been known all over the net for quite some time for his unique skills (like being able to create customize figures of you or your friends in carbonite). Well, when he saw The Flaming C, he swung into action and created this amazing Flaming C Custom Action Figure.

“It’s a custom action figure based off of a personalized super hero created for him by the guys over at Warner Brothers Animation. His character is called Flaming C, and he has “a belt to hold his Blackberry, an oven mit that always produces steam, a jai alai glove, fishnet stockings, socks with garters and golf shoes.” He also has the Star of David so “as to include everyone.” It’s a fun little hero.

“The figure and packaging are both created by me. I shipped them off to his studio in hopes that it may end up in his hands. So keep an eye out on his show, you never know…”

Bruce Timm’s Original Sketch:

Source: Paul Pape