When most people think of Mike Shinoda, they think of Linkin Park. A lot of people still don’t realize that he’s an amazing artist to boot. As he prepares to take off on his North American Tour very soon, he’s taking a little time to show off one of his latest creations. He has taken on the task of creating Alice for Disney’s Mad Hatter Project presented by our good friend’s over at MINDstyle Toys.

Here’s what Mike has to say about the piece:

“This is my new vinyl collectible as part of the Mad Hatter project: a vinyl figure that’s one part Alice, one part Oyakodon (a painting from my “Glorious Excess Dies” show), and one part trashy Halloween costume.”

Here is his painting “Oyakodon”:

Now, Here’s a peek at the second announced piece in the series, Ron English’s Mad Hatter:

From MINDstyle:

Take four of today’s most talented artists and visualizers, one of the all-time great Disney classics “Alice In Wonderland” celebrating its 60th anniversary next year, and inspiration from directors Tim Burton’s blockbuster film version… MINDstyle is proud to present a first look at Disney’s Mad Hatter Project. Alice by Linkin Park’s Mike Shinoda combines his interpretation and vision based on the classic, blended with an edge of Burton and fused with his own original painting. Sculpted by Dave Cortes from Inu Art Studio, the highly detailed Alice and Rabbit presents a world of imagination. Plans are in the works for the launch in 2011 in celebration of the classic animation anniversary!