THere have been a lot of reports in recent months about FOX’s ‘X-Men: Dark Phoenix’, and none of them have been promising. There have been stories of screenings going so poorly that nearly the entire film is undergoing reshoots. There’s been a long delay on the film’s release, which was most recently pushed back to next February. Now the film seems to have disappeared.

We aren’t saying that the footage is gone, but that when you look at the upcoming releases on FOX’s homepage, X-Men: Dark Phoenix isn’t there. New Mutants is there. Bad Times at The El Royale is there. Alita Battle Angel is there, but Dark Phoenix is nowhere to be found. There’s a solid chance that this is just a glitch, but it has sent the internet into high gear with speculation that the film is so bad that the studio doesn’t want to release it.

We don’t think that’s the case. They probably spent close to 175 million dollars on it after re-shoots. To not release it would be financially irresponsible. They have to make some of that money back. But there are some people who think Disney might be pulling the strings on it, suggesting that the film could be so bad as to potentially hurt the potential for the X-Men franchise as part of the MCU.

With San Diego Comic-Con just a few weeks away, the mystery will probably be solved in Hall H. When it does, we’ll be there to give you the scoop!