The batman/ Ben Affleck rumor mill has been so active over the last few months that it’s hard to tell what is going on with the World’s Greatest Detective and the ‘Voyage Of the Mimi’ Alum. We know that Affleck’s script for the film is in the trash and a new one is getting made. We also know that Martin Scorsesse is in the process of planning a Joker origin story (I’m not sure why), and Warner bros wants Leonardo DiCaprio in the lead role (I guess this is to make up for the fact that he’ll never get to play Kaneda in a Whitewashed Adaptation of Akira). There have also been plenty of rumors swirling directly around Affleck about his future plans for the franchise. That brings us to today.

In a new report from THR about the Dicaprio Joker film, it is being stated that the Joker film will stand outside of the DCEU, falling in line with Matt Reeves earlier statements that his Batman film will also not be part of that continuity. We also know that Justice League is now being treated as a single film instead of as a two-parter. All in all, things are aligning to provide Affleck with everything he needs to exit the Bat Cave and return to the quiet life of being a regular, every day A-level actor and director. The writing is on the wall, but we probably won’t have any answers until after Justice League is released.

Source: THR