Robert Englund, the long time Nightmare is being replaced by Jackie Earle Haley (Watchmen, Little Children) in New Line Cinema’s reboot of “Nightmare On Elm Street.”

Seen most recently as the anti-superhero, Rorschach, in Watchmen, Haley will now done the classic blade-glove and take over as the iconic and fiendish demonic villain, Freddy Krueger.

Samuel Bayer who’s been credited with various music videos and advertisements is set to direct, with the Nightmare reboot being his first film. Shooting begins in Chicago next month.

The relaunch of the “Nightmare On Elm Street” series is a no brainier considering it had been New Line’s most successful series prior to their mega hit, “The Lord Of The Rings.” Not to mention, in a business of monkey see, monkey do, a relaunch was more than due, considering both Michael Meyers and Jason Voorhees have already been rebooted.

Source: Variety

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