James Franco is currently soaking up accolades on his “The Room” biopic, ‘The Disaster Artist’, but now it’s looking like the already busy actor and filmmaker may be adding superhero to his resume. Word is that he’s now in talks to appear in FOX’s X-Men movie universe as Jamie Madrox, aka Multiple Man. Like Deadpool, the character would be slated for it’s own, standalone film as opposed to slipping him into a current X-Men movies. That said, the tone of the character makes me think that he would fit well into the current Deadpool/ X-force universe that they are putting together. It will be interesting to see if they introduce him in a detective story, or if they will use this as an opportunity to introduce X-Factor to movie fans.

I’ve always loved Multiple man as a character and I felt like he got shorted with his small appearance in X-Men: The Last Stand where he was played by Eric Dane. There are almost as many possibilities for where you can take him as there are multiples that he’s able to generate of himself.