Last week, Ben Affleck said that he would be looking for a way to transition out of his cape and cowl and leave the DCEU behind, leading many people to think that he wouldn’t be playing Batman when the Matt Reeves solo flick begins production. According to new sources, the director may be helping Affleck with that transition by going ahead and finding his replacement.

Blogger, John Campea is claiming that his Hollywood sources have now told him the Battle For The Planet Of the Apes director is looking at Jake Gyllenhaal to take over as the world’s greatest detective. It’s definitely a bold and different choice than most people will expect (if it’s true), but Gyllenhaal has proven himself to be a very versatile actor.

According to the report, this would mean that the next Batman film would either focus on an earlier period of his life, inside the current DCEU, or it might just end up being a whole new continuity that has nothing to do with the existing universe.

Here’s the video where he lays out all his evidence: