Fans have been wondering what the big announcement and secret of Pottermore is since it’s debut last week. The countdown on the site began with an owl perched on a tree, but since the countdown started, more owls have been gathering with the teaser “The owls are gathering… Find out why soon.”

Currently, 20 owls are presents but it still doesn’t explain the purpose and mystery behind Pottermore.

Some have hoped that it would be more Harry Potter books. But that reality has since been crushed as Scholastic officially confirmed that it will not be another Harry Potter book.

Currently, the most likely theories include the announcement to the existing books being ported digitally to e-books. And another, and more likely scenario is that Pottermore will actually be PotterM.O.R.E which will stand for Potter Multimedia Online Resource Encyclopedia.

The theory behind PotterM.O.R.E. is that the site will become a hub for Potter fans which would include a fully interactive world with forums, games, online chat rooms, stories, multiplayer role playing games (MMORPG).

I guess we’ll all find out together in 2 days and 18 hours and counting!