I loved John Wick. I think it was easily one of the most fun films of 2014. When it ended, I said that I hope there isn’t a sequel. Instead, I was hoping that they’d consider maybe making a film based around the hotel from the movie. It was a perfect movie, with a perfect inciting incident. Trying to capture that lightning in a bottle twice is not a great move.

In a recent chat, the directors of the first film told movies.com that a sequel is in development:

“We have ideas for days and without blinking twice we know we can outdo the action from the original,” Stahelski said. “It’s the matter of story and how much you like the character. That’s always the most important. If there’s great action but you have a character that no one likes and doesn’t have charisma you’re not going to watch it. Look at any great action star, whether it’s Harrison Ford or Liam Neeson or Robert Downey Jr., pick a name, you love the guy first. Good action, bad action, you just love them in action. So we want to make sure we have a story and a character that everybody loves and then we’ll dress it with action that we promise will be awesome.”

Now we just have to wait and see what they come up with.