Dr Seuss’ works have been the source material for several major films in recent years. Everything from The Cat in The Hat to Horton Hears a Who has already hit theaters and The Lorax is currently in production. Now it looks like the man behind the zany stories is going to get his own time in the spotlight.

Who is responsible for bringing the life of Dr Seuss to the big screen? None other than Johnny Depp. Depp is set to not only produce the film, but he may also star in it as well.

I like Johnny Depp. He’s a good actor. He’s done a lot of great roles, but I don’t know if I want him going after Dr Seuss. Maybe it isn’t him that I fear, but that Tim burton will get involved too. As much as I love Burton, you just know he’s going to take it way too dark. That said, I’d be more than happy to see Danny Elfman do the score, but I’m guessing that that is an inevitable choice given Depp’s involvement.

Source: Comingsoon