Lone Ranger has been been the movie mystery of the last year. It has been on and off numerous times. There have been questions about the director and even questions about werewolves in the script.

Now Johnny Depp is sitting down and talking about the movie and what he has to say… well, it honestly makes me that much less interested in the movie.

Over the weekend he told Larry King how funny the script is, his take on Tonto and how he sees Tonto as being “another Captain Jack”. The nice thing about Captain Jack Sparrow for me is that when I want to see him, I can just watch one of the four Pirates of the Caribbean movies that have come out so far. We don’t need another movie where they shoe horn a character type into a film just to try and recreate the same magic that created box office gold for another franchise.

Anyways, here’s what he had to say about it:

“There is a script, it’s a very funny, good script…there’s a boatload of humor.”

“What I like about Tonto is the idea that this character who is thought of as ‘the sidekick’—that’s the thing that always bugged me about The Lone Ranger is ‘Well why is the Indian the sidekick? Why does he have to go get you that thing?’ And I couldn’t stand that always. My approach to Tonto is that there’s this crazy like a fox stoicism to Tonto that Tonto probably believes that The Lone Ranger is his slave, his sidekick. So it’s like ‘Go get me the thing,’ ‘No, no, no you go get it. You’re the one dressed in the funny outfit, you go do it.’”

“What I like about Tonto, what I feel good about Tonto is that I feel like he’s—you know when I came up with Captain Jack I thought ‘Okay I’ve really arrived at something different here,’ and Tonto feels right on par with Captain Jack, it feels like another Captain Jack to me.”

Source: Collider