It’s good to be Todd McFarlane right now. He recently had one of the highest performing Kickstarters ever for an action figure. His toy company, McFarlane Toys is not only seeing a massive resurgence with brands including DC, Warhammer, Mortal Kombat, and The Last Airbender, but they’ve also now been put in charge of the entire DC Direct line of collectibles and toys, and now he’s got a comic book with the best sales Image Comics has seen in nearly a quarter-century.

King Spawn is currently sitting on sales right around 497,000 copies. The big sales are exactly what McFarlane is looking for as he continues his plan on building out the Spawn brand. That includes four new comics, King Spawn, this fall’s Spawn’s Universe, October’s Gunslinger Spawn book, and a team-up book set for December called The Scorched. Spawn’s Universe has already broken records for the be top-selling book Image has had this century with comic shops pre-ordering 211,000 units.

The interesting thing will be to see how these sales impact the long-suffering live-action projects Todd has been working on including the Jamie Foxx/ Jeremy Renner Spawn Horror film and the currently in development Sam and Twitch TV series that spins-off the famous detective pair from the comics.