Long before anyone knew about The Mandalorian or Baby Yoda, George Lucas was planning his own Star Wars live-action TV series based on the criminals and bounty hunters of the franchise. When he sold Star Wars to Disney for $4 billion, he had already written over 50 scripts for the show and had a story plotted out up to 100-episodes. We’ll never know the full potential of the show, because Disney canned it, along with the already completed CGI parody series Star Wars: Detours from Robot Chicken’s Seth Green and Matt Seinreich.

Today, Star Wars fans are being given a real treat. It turns out that Lucas actually shot some test footage from the show and it has now made its way online. We aren’t sure how long this will stay up, so check it out while you still can.

Released test footage from 2010 of the canceled Star Wars TV show “Underworld,” which was to take place in the lower levels of Coruscant. The series was set after the events of Order 66. The video game “1313” was to be a tie-in of this series. Due to the immense cost of shooting the series, as well as the selling of Lucasfilm to Disney, “Underworld” was delayed and eventually canceled. This footage was produced by Stargate Studios (whose VFX resume includes Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, The Orville) in partnership with Lucasfilm. The VFX technology displayed in the making-of portion is Stargate Studios’ impressive real-time rendering Virtual Backlot Live technology.

Source: CBM