When Marvel was looking for someone to play the male lead, Starlord, in the upcoming Guardians Of The Galaxy, Lee Pace was pretty high on the list. They eventually went with Chris Pratt. Now, Pace is back in the mix as the big bad for the film. They are being very hush hush on who he’ll be playing, but we have our guesses.

Yesterday, it was announced that Ophelia Lovibond would be playing the Collector, a character with very strong ties to Thanos, the presumed big bad for Avengers 2. If that is the case, then chances are that he’ll be playing the Controller, Thanos’ #1 henchman. If that is the role, we expect it to be heavily mo-cap based as (you can see in the pics below), Pace definitely isn’t going to pull off the role naturally.

Source: The Wrap