Deadline is reporting that Elle Woods is getting ready to slip back into her pumps and make her way back to Washington in the third film in what can now be called the Legally Blonde Trilogy. While not much is currently known about the film, we know that the screenwriters and producers from the original film have returned, but the project has not yet landed a director. We also don’t currently know the state of Ms. Woods when we’ll see her in the new film, though some fan speculation has her running for Senate (or for re-election), or possibly facing confirmation hearings to become a Supreme Court Justice. Here’s what Deadline had to say on the new film:

I’m told it will be much in the spirit of the first film, in which Woods’ idealism and pink-dominant wardrobe prevailed over the cynicism and snootiness all around her after the freshly dumped former sorority sister heads to law school. The sequel brought her to D.C. to join the staff of a congresswoman to pass a bill to ban animal testing. The intention here is to make this more about female empowerment, a message that hits at a fortuitous time in the culture. The feeling is to draw back in the audience that grew up with the original film and find a new global audience.

Source: Deadline