Between 1993-1999, Nickelodeon, aired a game show for kids called  Legends of the Hidden Temple. To this day, the show holds enough of a spot in the hearts and minds of the people that watched it that it even inspired a recent TV Movie. Well, now the kids who grew up with it on Nick might have a chance to relive the experience. Quibi has just announced that the show will be returning to their network with an adult-version.

In the statement from the Quibi, some interesting details have been revealed about the new show. First, while it is new, it will still be very familiar. The moat crossing, Olmec, and even the Temple Run will all be part of the show, but in an expanded, grown-up version. Also, the show will be moving from a studio to an outdoor jungle set. As an added bonus, contestants will be vying for prizes that are more age appropriate than the ones given away on the classic game show.

While the exact info hasn’t been released, Quibi did say that they are going to be looking for contestants soon. We know at least one grown-up who appeared on the original, and we’d love to see her get a chance to relive her glory.