Filming is currently underway for Peter Berg’s high sea action adventure sci-fi film “Battleship,” and actor Liam Neeson has just been added to the cast!

Neeson will play Admiral Shane, a Naval officer whose daughter (Brooklyn Decker) is engaged to Alex Hopper, a young naval officer played by Taylor Kitsch. Kitsch who plays the film’s lead, is said to be “wildly spirited” and is forced to lead an international fleet of battleships in a fight against water friendly aliens that have plan to destroy and enslave mankind.

“Battleship will also star Alexander Skarsgaard who plays Kitsch’s older brother, and Rihanna, a crew mate and weapons specialist.

“Battleship” is written by Jon and Eric Hoeber and isn’t expected to hit theaters until May 25, 2012 and will be one of the few movies not in 3D.

Source: deadline