Long before Ta-Nehisi Coates and J.J. Abrams ever teamed up to create a new Black Superman film for Warner Bros, fans have been clamoring to have Michael B. Jordan take on the mantle if the opportunity ever came to pass. It’s now being reported by Collider that there’s no chance we’re ever going to see Jordan as Kal-El, but we will be getting something almost as good. The Black Panther star is currently developing a limited series for HBO Max about Val-Zod, Superman from Earth 2.

With the upcoming Flash movie clearly establishing the DC’s version of a multiverse there’s a possibility that this could lead to more opportunities for the character within the DCEU beyond the series.

If you aren’t familiar with Val-Zod, you are not alone. His story has some similarities with the Kal-El/ Clark Kent story that we know, but it also goes in a majorly different direction. In fact, unlike the most commonly known Superman, Val-Zod, as a result of his life experiences, is agoraphobic.

Here’s a quick primer on Val-Zod via DC.Fandom.com

Becoming the last of his House after his parents’ execution by Krypton’s court, Val quickly made friends with fellow orphan Kara Zor-El. Moments before Krypton’s destruction, Val, Kara, Kal-El and another child managed to escape and survive their planet’s destruction thanks to Jor-El and Lara.

Through his trip, Val was educated by his parents’ knowledge recorded on his capsule, teaching him that violence was the stupidest way to overcome issues, driving him to become a pacifist man.

Falling on Earth, he was found by Terry Sloan who offered him asylum to “protect” him from the outside world, becoming a recluse. While the time he was captured, he helped Sloan developing the Firepits.