I’m not sure if it’s better to call Ahsoka a spin-off of The Mandalorian or a sequel to Star Wars Rebels. In her brief appearance in season two of Mando, we learned that she’s on the hunt for General Thrawn, the Empire baddie who disappeared into the outer rim with Ezra Bridger in Rebels. The safe bet is that she’s looking for both of them when we find her in The Mandalorian. Now LRM Online claims to be able to confirm the casting for both rolls. It’s long been rumored that the star of Disney’s Live-Action Aladdin, Mena Massoud would take on the role of Bridger, and LRM claims this is absolutely the case. As for Thrawn, it looks like they are trying to recapture the magic of bringing on the voice of Bo Katan, Katee Sackoff to play her live-action counterpart. If the rumor is true, then Thrawn’s animated voice, Lars Mikkelsen will be back to fill the role in real life. This work’s on multiple levels. We are already used to his voice as Thawn, but his face has the perfect bone structure to place the iconic strategist. They just have to paint him blue. Now we just need to find out what’s going on with Sabine Wren. Given her Mandalorian heritage, her personal history with the Dark Saber, and the fact that she left on the mission to find Ezra with Ahsoka, we know she’s got to be in there somewhere.