the upcoming animated Sony/Marvel film, Into The Spider-Verse, has a lot going for it. The animation looks like it’s going to create an experience that fans have never had on the big screen, it’s bringing everyone’s second favorite wall-crawler (Miles Morales) to life, and it’s got a killer voice cast that includes Shameik Moore as Miles Morales/ Ultimate Spider-Man, Mahershala Ali as Aaron Davis, Brian Tyree Henry as Jefferson Davis, and Liev Schreiber as Morlun. In a new interview, Schreiber dropped a pretty big bombshell about the film’s animation that should have everyone even more excited to see it on the big screen.

“It was actually the animation team. The guys who are working on it, I saw their work and said, “Wow! These guys are special.” And it is. It’s going to be pretty special, from what I’ve seen so far. And I haven’t seen much, but it’s pretty special. They’re super-talented. … That’s what I love about it. But it also is anamorphic … ohh I don’t know if I should have said that. [laughs] If you know something about film, that’s an amazing thing for an animated film to do that well. Anamorphic is the stretched-out format and it really is a much broader, bigger canvas, which is unusual for animation because you’re generally trying to focus the action. These guys have decided to go anamorphic with it and it’s stunning. If you’ve seen that trailer, you already get a sense of what it is.”

Into The Spider-Verse hits theaters Christmas 2018.

Source: CBM